ffh_logoLike the Phoenix of legend, Fairfield Harbour is rising once more. Formerly mired in litigation with the owners of the amenities (two golf courses and two small marinas) the Property Owner’s Association succeeded in buying these amenities at the end of 2016. This put an end to several years of uncertainty over both the future of the amenities and the future of the community.

This community of some 1,500 multi-generational families rallied around the cause when banks would not make a loan and succeeded in raising enough investment from the owners to cover the purchase and gifts to cover the legal fees.

If you are interested in numbers, the acquisition was for 385 acres at a cost of $2.75 million and a further $150,000 in legal and closing costs. 25 active clubs, three marinas and a Billy Casper managed golf course testify to the activity level of the residents in this community.

This puts the destiny of Fairfield Harbour squarely in the hands of the Property Owner’s Association, and by extension the owners. There is no longer an external entity controlling the amenities.

If you want to just find out more about the community go to fairfieldharbournc.com. If you are ready to see some homes and move to here, contact me.

Brian Dodds, ABR  brian_small

252 876 3142



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